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Mad as Hell – This is Inexcusable

July 15, 2014

Mad as Hell – Come to Pound Ridge, New York

A good friend of ours, Scott Johnston, wrote an email letter (See Below) for the constituents of Bedford and Katonah. I thought the letter, “Mad as Hell – This is Inexcusable” is the perfect example of how politicians use funding of elections and taxpayer money to advance careers at the expense of their constituents. It also shows how communities become mismanaged by politicians, supported by self-interested, outside moneyed parties, with the impact being felt by its residents for years to come.

The only good thing about the problem facing the taxpayers of Bedford and Katonah is that it might encourage its residents to move to a town, such as Pound Ridge, which has been well-managed for years. For those who do not know, Pound Ridge borders Bedford/Katonah. It has a wonderful elementary school and is the only town in which its constituents had the sensibility to reject the tax increases proposed by the Bedford Central School District.

So to all those residents in Bedford and Katonah who believe their politicians are more interested in keeping and developing their careers through appeasing moneyed interests, keeping their residents the highest taxed citizens in the nation, as well as causing these tax increases to impact them for years to come, you are invited to move to Pound Ridge.

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Mad as Hell – This is Inexcusable

By: Scott Johnston

Before the last local election, I warned you that Chris Burdick, then running for Supervisor, held a secret meeting with the town’s Teamster employees and promised that if they supported him, he’d be their guy.

Well, not enough of you made it to the polls. Chris got elected by a couple hundred votes, and now it’s payback time for the union.

Specifically, he is asking the board to vote on a new contract that allows the town’s blue collar employees to pay a mere 0.75% of their salaries into their very generous healthcare plans. These plans cost about $20,000 per family, and employees will only have to kick in about $700, or 3.5% of the cost. You and I will cover the other 96.5%. On top of this, they are being given $1,150 just to sign the contract, so that should cover the first year and a half!

Contrast this with other towns around us like New Castle, North Salem, Lewisboro, and Somers. Employees in these towns kick in between 15% and 20% of costs. Why are we so much worse?

Or contrast this with an agreement the town’s white collar workers signed when Lee Roberts was Supervisor where they kick in 18%. So, a secretary making $45,000 could be paying over $4,000 towards healthcare while her blue collar counterpart making $70,000 pays $700. Crazy. Chris is paying off his political supporters with our money.

He posted the agreement quietly on Friday afternoon, a classic move for when government officials don’t want you to notice something. You can read it here. The plan is to vote on it tomorrow night. I urge you to attend the meeting and voice your displeasure. This is how taxpayers get screwed when they don’t pay close attention, and this is a great example of why we pay the highest property taxes in the nation. Unfortunately, I will unable to attend due to prior commitments, but please consider going. If you can’t, voice your opinion directly to the town board. Here are their emails: –

Chris Burdick:              supervisor@bedfordny.gov
Peter Gabrielson:           dgabrielson@bedfordny.gov
Francis Corcoran:           fcorcoran@bedfordny.gov
Peter Chryssos              pchryssos@bedfordny.gov
Marybeth Kass:              mkass@bedfordny.gov


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