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Lower Corn and Soybean Yield and Acreage

July 12, 2015
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Consultant Lowers Corn, Soybean Yield and Acreage

After touring Indiana and western Ohio, Pro Farmer Crop Consultant Dr. Michael Cordonnier concluded, “Farmers in Indiana are in big, big trouble and farmers in western Ohio are not much better off.” He says corn in these two states is worse than he expected and soybeans are much worse than anticipated. Yield potential for corn and beans has been “severely compromised” in both states.

Therefore, Dr. Cordonnier lopped another 2 bu. off his corn yield forecast and 1.5 bu. off his soybean yield peg. He now pegs the corn yield at 163 bu. per acre and the soybean yield at 43.5 bu. per acre. In addition to his yield reductions, Dr. Cordonnier also cut 300,000 acres off USDA’s June harvested corn acreage figure and took 1.5 million acres off its soybean harvested acreage estimate. The yield and acreage reductions lowered his corn production estimate to 13.14 billion bu. and his soybean peg to 3.58 billion bushels. He maintains a lower (potentially much lower) bias to both crops.

Other key points of the report include: –

“Excessive moisture in the central, eastern, and southern Corn Belt is delaying the completion of the full-season soybean planting and the double crop soybean planting. Furthermore, high temperatures and dry weather in the southeastern U.S. (South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia) could impact the corn first and then the soybeans in the region.”

.Note: See – Pro Farmer: ProFarmer.com – News

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